Carpet Cleaning

We've been carpet and rug cleaning in Brisbane for decades and have watched techniques and companies come and go. During this time we have retained our position as a market leader thoughout Brisbane for quality carpet cleaning. With so much experience behind us we have a customer base built around repeat business and word of mouth. For this reason we have been able to steadily grow off the back of the quality of our carpet steam cleaning and customer service.

Let's be honest. When you want your carpets cleaned you want a few things for certain:

  • Guaranteed quality
  • A minimum of Fuss
  • Experienced Carpet Cleaning Technicians
  • True Value For Money
  • A Name You Can Trust

Efficient & Effective Carpet Steam Cleaning

We appreciate that everyone is busy and there just aren't enough hours in the day. When you have an appointment with a Bennetts Carpets Specialist they will be there. We think it's a respect thing.

Our carpet and rug cleaning technicians travel in signature Bennetts Carpet Cleaning vans around that carry with them the best in steam cleaning equipment. This includes our own hot water supplies to limit the impact we have on the daily lives of our customers.

The Bennetts Name

Our name and place in the industry is something we have worked hard to establish over the years in Brisbane. We are a family business and our sister company can also supply and install a variety of new flooring, this gives us an edge over our competitors as we have the knowledge of the construction and technical aspects of all carpets. We pride ourselves on our work and aim every time to have customers that when the time comes will call upon Bennetts carpet and rug cleaning again for all the reasons we pride ourselves on.