2 Essential Carpet Cleaning Tips For the Summer Holidays

You walk on it every day, trailing your footprints across it, letting your toes sink in, letting the day descend through your body as you move through the house and finally sit down. You rarely get up close and personal with it, leaving that for the dog or kids to do, you’re not fascinated by the curly loops or the short pile, it feels good and you clean it regularly – that’s all that matters. Running the vacuum over your carpets once a week gets rid of the surface dust and dirt, recent damage tracked in by busy lives. But what about the rest lurking beneath? The mould your kids can see through the forest of colourful weave, but you can’t, because you’ve never been nose to the floor before? Don’t despair. Let us steer you in the right direction with our two essential carpet cleaning tips!

It’s the Vacuum, AND How You Use It!

You’re probably quite attached to your old cleaner; it’s worked well for a while, doing a fine job of picking up hair and dirt, sucking up dust and generally making sure most debris doesn’t have time to settle in. You probably have either a barrel cleaner or an upright machine. An upright cleaner is something your Mum used 15 years ago, a single piece without a flexible tube to dash between tight places. More furniture moving is required and while this may seem hard, it’s beneficial, as the dust isn’t allowed to settle behind TV displays or under couches. Upright cleaners often include agitators to lift dirt from beneath heavy pile. Barrels are the kings of suction – if you’re a barrel fan, make sure you have a strong performer, otherwise you’ll be left over with a lot of ground in dirt, as the suction wasn’t powerful enough. There are distinct advantages to both cleaners, and while the upright machine is a force to reckoned with, design trends are heading more and more toward suction types – to get the best performance out these machines, empty the collection bag regularly or opt for a bag-free model. They’re great!

Spot the Spot Before It’s Too Late to Blot!

Uh-oh, spillage! Spills happen, they’re a part of life. If you’ve never had the displeasure of cleaning wine or semi-hardened play-dough out of the carpet, well, you just haven’t lived! Luckily, this doesn’t need to be a big deal. Be mindful to attack the spill as soon as it happens, before it sinks down into your carpet and decides to stay there. Remove excess first by placing a paper towel on liquids or lifting solids via a hardy scraping – we recommend using a butter knife for this task. Working from the outside edge, blot the stain using paper towel and warm water, absorbing the liquid until it’s all gone. Don’t rub. When you’re done, place a heavy bowl on top of a pile of paper towels over the stain. It really is that simple!