Isn’t it time you steam cleaned your soiled, seedy Sofas?

It’s time to say goodbye to seedy, smelly, sordid, skanky and soiled sofas. If you’re one of many people who regularly eat your dinner in front of the TV there’s a good chance there’s a whole ecosystem of germs lying beneath the cushioning, or perhaps even absorbed into the upholstery itself. Even if you are one of the few that vacuum your couches, over time all couches will become soiled despite your best intentions. They need a professional clean and nothing less will do. Sure you can try spraying fabric freshener to mask over that musty, stale smell or you can take the proven solution – a professional upholstery cleaning from Bennetts. We clean all types of upholstered furniture including leather couches, and we can steam clean your sofa to remove stains and brighten your life!
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