4 Carpet Cleaning Tips For the Time Poor

When was the last time you got down and dirty with your carpet, beyond a cursory weekly vacuum? Not only will it look 100% better, but a regularly cleaned carpet can keep crawlies at bay, reduce allergic reactions to dust and stop dirt from edging into the cracks, completely out of reach. We know it’s a pain to extend your cleaning regime any more than you already have, after all, you’re busy during the week and the weekend belongs to you.  So what to do?

Shoes Off

Do you remember your Mum demanding “shoes off” as you wandered in from school, traipsing dirt over the pristine tile or carpet? We hate to say we told you so, but she was right. Shoes are the conduits of dust, dirt, grime, germs and occasionally microscopic bugs (often living in mud). Cutting down on cleaning may mean clamping down on rules; set up an area at the front and back door where guests and residents can take their shoes off in comfort and store them safely away until needed again.

Understand Stains

Beer, wine, coffee, ink, soft drink, crayon…we love them all for different reasons, but one stain can spell disaster until you figure out how to remove them. While a one size fits all stain remover isn’t always available, vinegar will lift most without too much hassle – light carpet stains can be quickly tackled by dissolving 2 teaspoons of good quality salt in a half cup of white vinegar. After the solution dries, vacuum the area and repeat as necessary. Still not moving? Darker stain may need the extra zing of borax. Add 2 tablespoons and repeat!

Buy a Runner

If there’s a common stretch of carpet everybody uses (like a hallway), invest in a long runner to protect the fibres from bare feet and consistent wear. You don’t need to go plastic either, the clear runners of grandma’s house do serve a purpose but may do nothing for your décor. If you’re in doubt whether or not a runner will be long enough, have the exact dimensions with you before shopping – ruling contenders out by size is the easiest starting point.

Carpet Cleaning

This sounds time intensive, and it can be, if you leave more than six months between cleaning times. Establishing a thorough carpet cleaning schedule now will reduce time consumption later on, leading to overall cleaner carpets, less hours spent vacuuming and a healthier household. Although it may seem impossible to squeeze an extra hour or two from your loaded schedule, making time for carpet cleaning will extend the life of your carpet and prevent costly replacement.