4 Common carpet cleaning concerns

  For people who have never had their carpets professionally cleaned, or have had a bad experience with a carpet cleaning service, there can be many concerns that they may have about the process. While there can be less-than-perfect results with some operators, the specialists here at Bennetts Carpets Cleaning with more than 70 years combined experience, understand carpets and carpet care including the need for best results each and every time. Our carpet cleaners explain why some of the most common carpet cleaning concerns may be unfounded. 

1.      “The Carpet will be left wet and take days to dry”

With some carpet cleaning methods this may be the case, especially when too much water is used, however with steam cleaning and hot water extraction methods used by Bennetts Carpet Cleaning your carpets will be dry within 1-2 hours, not 12-24 hours like other methods. This means there will no ‘wet dog smell’ when you enter your house and you can get back to living life with brighter, cleaner and fresher looking carpets.

2.      “Harsh cleaning agents and chemicals will cause damage or bleach my carpet”

Your carpets will be cleaned with minimal detergent and primarily with hot water and steam. This means that there is no bleaching with our carpet cleaning. Not now and not ever. Because of the hot water extraction method we use we don’t have to rely on strong chemicals to remove stains. The hot water is sprayed on the carpet while at the same time vacuuming and brush equipment agitates and removes particles, dirt and other allergens. For those concerned about indoor air quality and those with young children who have a lot of contact with the carpet surface this means you can have peace of mind that there will not be strong chemical residue left in the home.

 3.      “It will void the warranty”

Quite the contrary. Professional carpet cleaning is actually recommended by some of the world’s biggest carpet manufacturers including Godfrey Hirst, Shaw Indsutries and Beaulieu. While improper use of carpet cleaning hire machines may risk voiding your carpet warranty if the wrong techniques are used, going with a professional carpet cleaning business will actually protect your carpet guarantee. On the other hand if you neglect to professionally clean your carpet and want to make a claim on your warranty, generally you will have a tougher time if you have no documentation of regular professional cleaning.

4.      “It will use a lot of hot water, causing my hot water bill to rise”

The great thing is at Bennetts Carpet Cleaning we use our own hot water reserves so you don’t have to worry about your hot water bill. Through our truck mounted carpet cleaning machines we connect our hoses, bring them into the building and then connect our specialised cleaning wands. There’s nothing we love more than to change opinions on carpet cleaning here at Bennetts Carpet Cleaning and we if you’ve never used our service before, we hope we can change yours too. The difference between dirty and carpets that look like new is like night and day. Call us today on 1300 661 008 so we can eliminate any concerns and you can be a carpet cleaning convert, just like us!