Beware ‘bait & switch’ carpet cleaning scams

Many people have seen those enticing coupons for discounted carpet cleaning. Whether it’s an online daily deal or a flyer in your mailbox, they offer multiple room carpet cleaning for an extremely low price of $29.95 – sometimes even lower. These prices sounds too good to be true, and guess what – they usually always are!

A typical bait and switch carpet cleaning scam

It’s one of the oldest tricks used in many industries, including the carpet cleaning industry, where unscrupulous operators offer low prices to ‘bait’ customers, and then when they arrive the story suddenly changes (or switches.) Suddenly customers are told that their carpets are extremely dirty and that extra cleaning is required. Another common line is ‘this coupon only covers smaller rooms’ or other similar deceptions which the customer has no way of knowing about before the ‘professional’ arrives. To make things worse, the price quickly turns into several hundred dollars and the cleaner will try and talk you into the work, or refuse to leave and intentionally make things awkward or difficult. Their tactics for intimidation are nothing short of unfair, and they exploit people who may not know their rights or feel uncomfortable. Even worse, while they may look the part, bait and switch scammers are often not even carpet cleaning professionals and the work that they may do often won’t even properly clean your carpet – even after you’ve handed over a couple of hundred dollars!

How to spot a bait and switch scammer

•    If an offer sounds too low to be true – it usually is. Make sure you look at different companies and get a benchmark range for the typical price you can expect to pay. If the price you find is way below this, it’s a very good sign they won’t do the work properly, inadvertently cause damage or will resort to bait and switch tactics. •    If there is no address on the coupon or advertisement and just a phone number this can also raise alarm. You really don’t know who you could be letting into your home! There are plenty of people out their claiming they can clean your carpets for little less than the price of going out to dinner however homeowners should take caution of these offers. Always go with a trusted name like Bennetts Carpet Cleaning who have worked in the carpet cleaning business in Brisbane for many years and in that time have seen many others come and go. We’ll be happy to give you a quote over the phone and that’s the price you’ll pay – nothing more. Phone 1300 661 008