Carpet Critters: What may be living in your carpet

carpet bugs Warning: the following information may be slightly disturbing and/or disgusting. Did you know there could be a whole ecosystem of microorganisms lurking in the synthetic jungle that is you carpets? Some people would rather not think about the dirt, dust and dander build up in your carpets and even though your carpets can appear to be clean, micro creatures like dust mites and fleas could be the cause of allergens and respiratory concerns for your family and pets. In our latest post the connoisseurs of carpets here at Bennetts Carpet Cleaning share the threats of what lays within many homeowners carpets. Fleas and Carpet Beetles If you’re pets have had issues with fleas and you’ve tried all sorts of flea treatments, the problem could be lying in the carpet itself. Flea eggs can lay dormant for an extended period of time so it’s important to target not only the fleas themselves when cleaning carpets and rugs. Carpet beetles are also a concern for carpet owners especially in areas that may not be vacuumed as frequently including under furniture and in corners of the home. Dust Mites Dust mites feed on dead human skin which accumulates in carpets. Considering dead skin cells contribute to 70 per cent of household dust, it’s easy to see how by simply living we create an environment perfect for dust mites to thrive. However it’s not the dust mites themselves that can make humans sick. Dust mites produce huge amount of waste and it’s these droppings cause allergic reactions and spread airborne disease. If you’ve ever needed a reason for a professional carpet cleaning this is it! Bacteria including mould spores and dirt Unfortunately carpets can harbour many different forms of bacteria. Considering soles of shoes collect bacteria from all types of surfaces these pathogens are be transferred directly to the carpet. itself. Considering small children, pets and even adults come into contact with the surface of carpets on a regular basis this can become a very real health risk.  Mould from moisture can also thrive in carpets and needs to be monitored with regular vacuuming and professional carpet cleaning. Carpeting is one of the most comfortable and aesthetically pleasing flooring solutions for a home, but needs the most maintenance to avoid being a host for microorganisms and dust and dirt build up. With great rates on carpet cleaning for several rooms of your home, there really is no excuse not to maintain your carpets and your home with the professional care it needs and deserves. To discuss a professional carpet and rug cleaning solution for your Brisbane home call Bennetts Carpets Cleaning on 1300 661 008 today.