Why All Carpet Cleaners In Brisbane Are NOT The Same

Why All Carpet Cleaners In Brisbane Are NOT The Same A carpet cleaner is a carpet cleaner, right? WRONG. They are not all equal and hiring the wrong one can have drastic consequences on your carpet! It is time to schedule your annual carpet cleaning in Brisbane and you conveniently find a discount coupon for a ridiculously cheap carpet clean; should you book it or stick with your regular team? You know the saying ‘if it seems too good to be true, it usually is’, this applies to carpet cleaning as well!

Why you should choose your carpet cleaner carefully

There is a reason why when homeowners and renters find quality carpet cleaners in Brisbane they stick with them for life. Just like finding a good hairdresser, the risk is high and could be devastating if they are incompetent. If they are experienced and pay careful attention to detail, the payoff is well worth it. So what should you look for when choosing carpet cleaners in Brisbane? Here are just a few things:
  • Experience – How many years of experience does the company have? Do they specialise in carpet steam cleaning in Brisbane or are they an all-rounder that dabble in carpets, house cleaning, lawn mowing and other trades? Unfortunately, some businesses try to do a bit of everything rather than specialising in a particular field and the results for your carpet will reflect this!
  • Price – Everyone loves a special, but be vigilant with how great this month’s special really is. When you see that discount coupon offering four bedrooms for only $30, be very wary. That is less than $10 per room and odds are the results of the clean will be just as cheap. It really is better to find carpet cleaning in Brisbane that is reasonably priced in comparison to competitor’s, but not necessarily ‘cheap’. Once you find the carpet cleaner of your dreams, take them up on their future specials.
  • Location – Many businesses will claim they are happy to travel to your suburb. This is great, but just consider the following: * Will they charge a travel fee? * Will traffic result in them being excessively late? * Will this limit the days you are able to book due to them only doing certain areas on particular days?
  • Reviews – Do your research on the business before you hire them. Most services have social media these days and customers will share their experiences, good and bad. Check out their Facebook page, online review sites and even your local Buy Swap and Sell sites. Don’t leave researching them until after you have had a negative experience!
  • Services – As mentioned above, some businesses are jacks of all trade, but experts in none. Some carpet cleaning businesses in Brisbane offer a range of services for floors, whilst others branch out into gardening, house cleaning, car washing and dog washing. Any of these businesses may be excellent carpet cleaners, but it pays to ask them specifically about their floor service experience.
Bennetts Carpet Cleaning, for example, are experts in all things flooring. They install carpets, timber and vinyl flooring so they know how each and every aspect of your flooring works together. Knowing the process of installation and the care procedures, this gives them knowledge that their competitors lack!

What makes Bennetts Carpet Cleaning better than the rest?

Bennetts bring their knowledge of flooring installation to every cleaning job, which is a distinct advantage when it comes to stain removal and care for various surfaces. If this isn’t enough to convince you they are professionals in their carpet cleaning field, then the following might:
  • Expertise: Bennetts are experts in both domestic and commercial carpet cleaning. They know what strain your flooring gets put through on a daily basis and understand how to work with wear and tear.
  • High traffic areas: Armed with knowledge that high traffic areas require more love than inside a bedroom cupboard, for example, they work to bring your worn out carpets back to life and to preserve carpets in low traffic areas. Carpeted rooms in homes with young children, pets or smokers will result in carpet fibres being more damaged, dirtier and more stained than those in a quiet office foyer and each area requires specific cleaning and treatment options.
  • Targeting stains: When Bennetts commence a cleaning service, their ultimate goal is to remove stains before they cause permanent damage. They want you to preserve your flooring investment before it is too late. Their years of experience has taught them what works and what doesn’t with a wide variation of stains.
  • Flooring know how: Their installation knowledge has taught them everything they need to know about each carpet manufacturer’s warranty guidelines. This allows them to clean, revive and maintain your carpet and still be covered by manufacturer’s warranty. Not all carpet cleaners have this knowledge and this sets Bennetts Carpet Cleaning above the rest! If you have any questions regarding your flooring, they can help you understand the dos and don’ts before they become an issue.
  • Efficient: No one has time to wait hours for their carpet to dry, particularly when you have work to do or young children to entertain. The quick drying professional steam cleaning method the Bennetts team uses allows you to walk on your floor within an hour! This makes it convenient but it also means that your carpet will not have a chance to form mould or mildew beneath the surface. When your carpet remains wet for longer periods of time, it causes growth to begin which can result in dangerous health hazards for your family. It could also reduce the life of your carpet by years!
  • Reliable: The team at Bennetts realise that everyone is busy and they strive to be on time, every time. Their attention to detail results in the best possible carpet clean, stain removal and carpet revitalisation each and every time!
Don’t take a chance with your carpet cleaning in Brisbane. Your floor is an investment and should be treated as such. Put your trust in someone as committed to your flooring as you are! Need quality carpet cleaning in Brisbane? Contact the specialised team at Bennetts Carpet Cleaning on 1300 661 008 today and bring the life back to your flooring!