Carpet cleaning for rental bond refund in Brisbane

carpet cleaning To get your rental bond back, at the end of lease you’ll need to clean your property from top to bottom. This includes carpet cleaning which is stipulated in many rental agreements for properties with carpet. Bennetts Carpet Cleaning has built our business off our knowledge of carpets and professional carpet cleaning and can professionally clean your carpets to the standards expected by your landlord. What kind of carpet cleaning is needed in rental properties? Not all properties state that professional carpet cleaning is required at the end of a tenancy, but there is always the expectation that the property is handed over in exactly the same state as it was when you moved in – hopefully being clean. Many tenancy agreements do have a clause that requires evidence of professional carpet cleaning when vacating the property. This means that cleaning the carpets is an important part of an exit clean and is often overlooked because people assume that vacuuming or their own cleaning will be sufficient. The reality is that carpets accumulate dust and other allergens, especially if you have lived in the property for a lengthy period and professional steam cleaning is the best way to comprehensively clean carpets. Should I let the real estate agency deduct the carpet cleaning cost from my bond? Be very careful with this one. Real Estate agencies earn a commission from using certain contractors. They won’t hesitate to charge a premium for using one of their contractors to provide the service and by letting them arrange carpet cleaning you’ll be in no position to negotiate a reasonable price and know exactly also what you will be exactly paying for. When it comes to carpet cleaning for bond refunds in Brisbane to guarantee your bond you need carpet cleaned the standards that only professional carpet cleaning can provide. Don’t create more hassles for yourself in a time when you already have enough on your plate. Go with Bennetts Carpets Cleaning for professional carpet cleaning, with fair prices to match. Call us today for a quote: 1300 661 008