Conquer 3 Common Carpet Stains

Oh, no! There goes a glass of a perfectly aged Shiraz, flowing across your clean carpet, leaving a trail of deep burgundy. You can almost feel it seeping into the fibres and taking up residence, staining your perfectly appointed lounge room. Conquering common household carpet stains shouldn’t be a drama, particularly when you know how and when to react; prepare yourself an arsenal and tackle life’s little upsets with a spray bottle in one hand and information in the other. Bennetts Carpet Cleaning has your back – here’s how to remove 3 common stains. Cordial Green, red and orange cordial can wreak havoc on clean carpets; short of enforcing a strict drink only in the kitchen rule, these spills will happen as your kids grow up. – Blot the affected area with a paper towel to soak up the excess. Do not rub, smear or press firmly, as this will move along ingress and create more work for you. – Mix white vinegar and washing detergent in a spray bottle with warm water. Spray until covered and let soak, repeat, and leave for 10 minutes. – Blot again with a clean paper towel, adding a specialised carpet cleaner to a bowl of hot water. Continue until stain is gone. Repeat treatments may be necessary over time.  Coffee Who doesn’t love a good cuppa after a long day, or before one begins! Coffee stains are an unfortunate side effect of being a coffee lover, and while those rings may be stylish on paper, coffee on carpet creates a brownish stain that can be difficult to shake if left to set. – Absorb all excess coffee with a few paper towels. Don’t press down or rub it in. – Use the same vinegar, water and detergent mix suggested above, adding a dash of lemon juice to provide acidity. Treat by blotting the affected area with the mixture.  Red Wine Wine is the worst offender in the household stains department, accounting for a heavy percentage of search traffic. No matter how many times we are told to be careful, we will all at least spill wine once in our lives, leading to a dark stain – you may not even notice until the next day. Don’t fret. Here’s how to get rid of that wine stain pronto: – Fill one spray bottle with cold water and another with dishwashing detergent and warm water. –  Spray the detergent mixture onto a clean rag or cloth and blot the stain – as it lightens and more wine is transferred to the cloth, change the cloth edge you’re blotting with to ensure you’re not harming instead of helping. – After you’ve beat the stain, use the cold water to extract the soapy detergent from the carpet. Use a dry cloth to soak up any residual water. – For added cleaning power, place a heavy pot on top of a pile of paper towels and leave overnight. This will grab any leftover wine deep inside your carpet fibres. Happy cleaning!