Q:        There are a lot of carpet cleaners out there. Why should I choose Bennetts?

A:        Yes there are a lot of companies to choose from and also a lot of one-man contractors out there but there are very few that have been in the industry as long as we have.

Some contactors use the Spinning method – (floor buffer). These buffers are great on tile, but because they scrub downwards, they can’t effectively clean carpets. As a matter of fact, they generally only clean the top third of the carpet while most of the dirt and grime gets pushed further into the carpet.

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Q:        When should I get my carpets cleaned?

A:        A lot of people wait until they their carpets are dirty to have them steamed cleaned. The problem with this dirt can pile up as well as dust and you may not be able to see it. Bennetts recommends every 12 months to have your carpets professionally steamed cleaned.


Q:        How long does it take for the carpets to dry?

A:        About 1.5 hrs


Q:        I have had new carpets laid. Do I need to get them cleaned regularly?

A:        A lot of carpet manufactures now include a steam clean maintenance program as part of the warranty. Please check from the manufacturer.


Q:        Why not get my carpets dry cleaned?

A:        The machines used in dry cleaning are spinning or buffering types. These actually damage the carpet from the spinning action and a lot of manufactures will void the warranty if you use this method.


Q:        Can you remove stains as well?

A:        This will depend on the stain. What it was from and how long it has been there. We certainly have professional stain remover that can deal with most stains.


Q:        What furniture do I need to move before you get here?

 A:       Generally our technicians can move small furniture items like tables and chairs but they can’t move anything heavy or large. Anything like that will need to be moved before hand if you would like to have it cleaned underneath. We can clean around objects that you don’t or can’t move.


Q:        Do you guarantee your work?

A:        We are very confident in our professional carpet cleaning skills that we offer a 7 day redo policy. As long as the situation with the premises has not dramatically changed since we completed our service then we are happy to return and rectify any issue regarding our work or results.