Five Sure Signs Your Carpet Needs Cleaning

Before your carpet reaches the point of no return, stop to consider whether it could do with professional carpet cleaning . Carpet isn’t cheap so it is vital you take care of it. By not doing so, you risk having your carpet lose its shine and becoming dull. If you suspect your flooring needs to be cleaned, here are five sure ways to tell!

Signs your carpet needs to be cleaned

There are several reasons your carpet flooring may need cleaning; here are just a few signs and their common causes.

High traffic areas

In the most commonly used areas of your home, you may begin to notice discolouration in your carpet. As a result of high traffic, walking repeatedly over the same zone, it is only natural that your carpet is going to wear faster and this high use can cause the carpet to become discoloured in areas. This is particularly noticeable if your carpet is white, cream or a light shade of brown. Due to the large volume of traffic seen, a more hard-wearing carpet should be considered if you are almost due for replacement. Consider nylon carpet for replacement, as it is a durable option that holds its shape and produces very little shedding or pilling. It is a great alternative that looks good throughout the home. On your current high traffic areas you may notice the carpet fibres appear flatter and thinned out; this is as a result of repeated movement over the same spots. Tip—Consider using a rug or mat to get the most protection for your high traffic areas. Take into consideration colour, size and current décor. A rug will not only act as a shield to the carpet fibres, but it will also reduce stains caused by kids, work boots and teenagers’ muddy sporting gear.


Unfortunately, this isn’t as commonly noticed by residents and is generally first realised by guests to your home. This is often because as the smell sets in you are naturally getting used to it and don’t realise it becoming more pungent. Carpet odours are not always serious; however, if you have already had it professionally cleaned and the smell is still present, it may be a sign that your carpet needs replacing. Sometimes the odour infiltrates deep into the carpet and underlay, which requires a complete replacement to resolve. Odours are commonly caused by children spilling liquids, pets urinating and other spills not being cleaned up immediately. This allows the fluids time to soak deep into the fibres and cause potential mould or mildew growth.

Clean patches

Often having clean carpet is a case of mind over matter. Yes it looks clean, yes you vacuum it, but is it really spotless? Typically it isn’t until you move a piece of furniture or look inside built in robes and see the clean patches, that you realise how desperately in need of a good carpet clean your floor really is. You will also notice when comparing the carpet that the protected flooring still has a shine to it that it had brand-new, as opposed to the dull-coloured carpet caused by use. Most people assume this is just dust; however, it is a result of dirt and grime grinding the carpet fibres.


Allergy flare-ups are a sure way to realise whether your carpet needs a good cleaning. As a consequence of dust and particle build-up, allergies tend to be put to the test. If you, your children or pets are sensitive to allergies or have weakened immunity, it is in your best interest to ensure regular maintenance is properly performed. This includes daily, or near daily, vacuuming in addition to consistent carpet cleaning. This type of cleaning will help to remove dirt and dust and minimise the build-up that aggravates painful and inconvenient allergies.


The majority of carpets offer some degree of stain resistance; however, over time this is reduced and should proper care not be taken, you will find yourself with stained carpet. Whether you have children, pets or just messy house guests, you cannot avoid the occasional stain. However when your stains show the regularly used spaces of children or pets, it is time to get your flooring cleaned. This is also the case for food and drink spills, toilet training children or pets that have urinated attempting to make it to the bathroom. These types of messes should be dealt with immediately before they cause not just the stains in questions, but also potential health concerns as well. Spot cleaning is fine to get you through until your next scheduled carpet clean; however, this will not eliminate the need for a professional carpet clean. Cleaning up small messes as they are made will almost certainly have an impact on the severity of the stain left behind, this is why it is highly encouraged to act fast and to deal with messes and spills immediately. Tip—While this can often be difficult to manage, try not to let small children take food, beverages, crayons or other mess-making items onto carpet. These types of messes can wreak havoc on your carpets and become very noticeable when not cleaned swiftly. Carpet flooring is used in the majority of Australian homes. This is due to it providing a warmer surface in winter and still remaining cool enough during the summer months. An added bonus that carpet floors offer residents, tenants and home owners is that it can be quite affordable with several options, styles and colours available. Take advantage of its affordability by ensuring you look after it! For more information on how you can reduce the health risks for your family, check it out here . Regular maintenance is crucial for the health of your family and longevity of your carpets. Without routine carpet cleaning, the life of your carpets will be significantly reduced. Save yourself time and money by putting in the effort now to look after your flooring.

Don’t let your carpet maintenance get out of hand! Book professional carpet cleaning today!