Say No to Tatty Tiles and Grotty Grout

Floors make a big impression. Dirty floors make a big, BAD impression. If your floors are worn, tired, faded and dull you don’t have to let them be a source of embarrassment. We all judge our surroundings, and as the biggest single surface in your home the state of your floors DOES NOT go unnoticed by guests and visitors. If you’re planning to retile your home or bathroom in 2014,  we share some reminders about choosing a grout type and colour to ensure the best results and appearance possible.


Fortunately we can turn the negative into the positive here at Bennetts Carpet Cleaning. With our carpet and tile cleaning services we regularly transform the tarnished and tatty flooring in homes and businesses around Brisbane. When it comes to cleaning tiles, most of the dirt, stains and discolouration are in the grout, rather than the surface of the tile. This can quickly turn tiles that are in otherwise good condition into unsightly black, stained and dirty looking tiles. As well as cleaning your grout and the surface of your tiles with our tile cleaning service, we recommend using a specialised grout sealing and grout recolouring process to protect your grout against future stains. Grout sealing/recolouring can be used to PERMANENTLY: – Change grout colours without laying new grout – Remove discolouration, mould and stains from grout – Brighten faded or out of date to be look like new again. – Create a uniform look with all grout being the same colour – Make white pure white again.


Cement or E-poxy grout – Which is better? Grout is typically made from a cement based mixture with sanded and un-sanded formulas. Sanded grout is used in wider grout joints, whereas un-sanded grout is found between more narrow joints.  It’s also important that you choose a mould resistant grouting formula since despite what many people may think not all grout is waterproof. While cement based grout is the most common material used, E-poxy grout is one of the newer grouting materials and while being more expensive and more difficult to install do offer a greater resistance to stains, and harsh chemicals in found in house hold cleaning products.

Choosing a grout colour

When it comes to colour of grout, most people think of white. While this is the most common colour, it also will show up more dirt and stains over time, requiring more cleaning. Because of this choosing darker coloured grout can be worthwhile as it better disguises dirt or stains. Bear in mind that the colour you choose will impact on the look and feel of the bathroom and most bathroom designers will agree finding an option that blends well with the colour of the tiles is the best option. Consider soft neutral colours such as light grey, beige or tan that complements the colour of the tile you choose rather than one that contrasts with it. Don’t allow your floors to send a negative impression – Our flooring specialists who understand the techniques for best results can be a t your Brisbane home or business to restore your floor to it’s former glory. Call us today at Bennetts, on 1300 661 008