It’s Nearly Summer In The Redlands – Book Your Carpet Cleaner Now!

Don’t start your summer entertaining by apologising for the mess! Get ready for the social season now by finding the right carpet cleaner in the Redlands. Stains, dirty patches and worn out high traffic areas need your attention! Now is the perfect time to act. You may think that letting your carpets go uncleaned for another few months will do no harm, but it can actually cause irreparable damage.

Why you should get your carpets cleaned now

There are several reasons why spring and summer are the most popular times for carpet cleaning. Here are just a few: • Faster drying time: As a result of the warmer weather your carpet will dry in a much shorter period than the cooler months. In summer, it takes two to three hours on average, whereas winter can take double that. If carpet takes too long to dry, it can result in mould and mildew forming below the surface creating health risks for your household, and a shortened life span for your flooring. • Entertaining: This is the party season! It is the ideal time for entertaining, catching up with friends and hosting dinner parties. Appearances and first impressions can make a huge difference to the comfort of your guests. No one wants visitors to come around and see dirty floors; you want your home to look its best when friends and family arrive. • Outdoor living: With the warmer climate and sunny days comes the desire to spend more time outside. You’ll be bringing sand home from the beach and throwing the windows open (letting in road dust and debris). If you have children or pets, they’ll love the chance to play in the garden, swim and run through the sprinkler. Unfortunately, this also means that they will bring water, dirt and grass through the house; inevitably all over the carpet.

How often should you get your carpets cleaned?

There is not an exact period of time that should be given between cleans; it varies with your living circumstances. If you are living by yourself, you will require less frequent carpet cleans than a family with children and pets. The volume of dirt produced will differ drastically depending on the make up of your household. Regardless of your situation, though, a scheduled clean, typically at least every 12 months, is the only way to keep carpets in good condition. Smokers, families with young children and those who suffer from allergies will require more frequent carpet cleans (ideally every 9-12 months) to maintain a healthy and fresh smelling atmosphere.

Spills and stains

Summer entertaining comes with the risk of spillage and stains as well as higher volumes of foot traffic. Try to have a few tricks up your sleeve for protecting your carpet, in addition to scheduling professional cleaning. To reduce the threat of permanent damage to the fibres and colouring of the carpet, act immediately! Blot as much of the wine, coffee or food stains as you can with a dry towel straight away. The longer spills sit and soak into your carpet, the harder it will be to remove a stain. Next time you book your local carpet cleaning professional, ask them for any advice they’d give on your particular type of carpet. They may have a product or solution in mind to help you survive those between-cleaning moments!

How to minimise the amount of dirt in your carpets

Fortunately there are steps you can take that will decrease the amount of dirt absorbed by your carpets. This results in a cleaner floor and less frequent cleaning. • Keep shoes outside: Make it a ‘house rule’ for family and guests that all shoes are to be removed prior to entering the house. At bare minimum, remove shoes as you approach the carpeted area. So much dirt and unknown matter collects on shoes, and all this is swiftly transferred into the carpet when walked on. Most guests will be happy to oblige with this request! • Utilise mats and rugs: If you are concerned about your children, pets or visitors dirtying your carpet, then the use of mats is a great option. They can be made to look like a feature in the room while serving a very practical purpose. • Use the outdoor areas: When possible, utilise the outdoor entertaining areas of your home to feed and mingle with friends and family. The less traffic inside your house, the better for your carpets. With gorgeous summer days ahead, there is no reason to be cooped up inside. • Regular vacuuming: Vacuuming should be done frequently. This reduces the amount of build-up caught in the carpet fibres that not only dulls the carpet but grinds the fibres down. Once your carpet becomes dull and lacks that shine, it is generally gone for good. Vacuuming helps maintain the condition in between professional cleans. Depending on the amount of traffic your carpet endures, the systematic vacuuming can vary from daily to bi-weekly. Obviously the more people in the house, the more often it will be required. • Professional cleans: Hiring a professional carpet cleaner is essential for the health of you and your family, but also your carpet. Specialists know exactly how to assess, treat and clean your flooring to prolong its life. Expert carpet cleaners give your home that fresh and clean look, in addition to offering a little added protection from future potential accidents. Your carpets may look clean but it is what lurks beneath the surface that must be addressed. For more information on how dirt, dust and allergens in your carpet can affect children and those suffering from asthma and allergies, click this link. Don’t risk your family’s health over something as easy to fix as a dusty carpet! Get your home ready for summer and the upcoming social season before it is too late. Finding the right carpet cleaner in the Redlands is crucial to the outcome of your professional carpet clean. If you leave it too long into the summer, all the trusted specialists will be booked out and you will have to risk hiring an amateur. Or worse, have your guests see your stained and wearing carpet!

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