There’s Nothing Ravishing about A Repulsive Rug

Affordable and Professional Rug Cleaning in Brisbane The bottoms of our shoes carry a whole ecosystem of germs. From public transport, to public toilets, puddles and footpaths, the dirt and germs from outside are quickly carried inside, and if you have rugs or carpets this then becomes their permanent home. Unlike carpets though, the dense construction of many rugs means they successfully trap dirt, dust and other microorganisms for longer. And sadly, because they are more challenging to effectively vacuum than carpets they don’t get the cleaning they deserve. Over time we drag our dirty feet, spill, dribble and track dirt into our carpets and rugs, changing their colour and leaving them with a matted look. Perhaps this isn’t the case with your carpets and rugs yet, but when was the last time they were ever professionally cleaned? If the answer is never you’re definitely not the only one. At great rates we can overhaul the appearance of your feature rug, and we forgive us for labouring the point, but professional steam cleaning will add years to the life of your rug. Since a quality rug can last a lifetime under proper care, and good rugs do not come cheap, we can’t help but think regular rug cleaning is money that is well spent.

What you can expect from professional rug cleaning?

– Removal of all dirt – Extraction of germs, pathogens and other microbes – Stain removal – Brighter, fresher and newer looking rugs – Softer feeling underfoot – A clean, deodorised and fresh smell without harsh chemical residue. Here at Bennetts Carpet Cleaning we work to restore all rugs and floor coverings. From Oriental and Persian handmade rugs, machine made, shag rugs and wool and silk rugs, we use our specialised steam cleaning equipment to extract even the toughest and most entrenched stains and dirt. Our methods include: – Preparing the surface and pre-treatment of soiled and stained area – High powered vacuuming to remove loose deposits and surface dander, dirt, and dust. – Agitation of the surface with brushing equipment – Comprehensive steam cleaning using our own hot water from our carpet cleaning trucks leaving rugs clean and almost dry and no residue. A lovely rug can enliven any interior and bring character, warmth and comfort to any room, but there’s nothing ravishing about a revolting, dirty and smelly rug. When was the last time you had yours professionally cleaned? Do your rug justice by booking the rug and carpet cleaning experts at Bennetts today! Call us – 1300 661 008