Rug Cleaning

Throughout Brisbane most households have rugs of all sizes. They add charm to a room while simultaneously protecting the floor beneath it. They also can act as the first line of defence for your carpets.

These can sometimes be forgotten when it comes to a proper clean. Vacuuming can only do so much so it makes sense to include the family rug as part of the service. If your home has pets then often the rug is the resting spot for your pet to kick back and watch the humans, well at lest until dinner time.

Since they often serve this double duty, they generally see a lot of wear and need regular rug cleaning. Without area rug cleanings, they’ll just make the room look and feel dingy and all sorts of nasties can call the rug home.

Well, the quality of the rug cleaning work is the biggest factor, of course, but you also want to consider things like dry time, overall convenience, and price.

We have the tools necessary to be the superior area rug cleaner – to get deep into the rug’s pile and remove debris, oil, and spots. Our green cleaning solutions are formulated to safely break up stains and require little water, meaning your rugs will dry quickly after we’re done.

Add to that the thorough training our rug cleaning technicians receive and our great pricing, and we’re confident that our area rug cleaning services are just what you need. Our rug cleaning method can make your area rugs look and feel fresh once again.