Tile and Grout Cleaning

With the hot climate in Brisbane and the Gold Coast most house nowadays come with tiles. They are cooler, hard wearing and when professionally cleaned really do make your home or business welcoming.

At Bennetts Tile Cleaning we bring the new shine back with our professional state of the art equipment which not only targets the tiles but also the grout.

In fact it is the grout that normally changes state like colouring, mouldetc first.

Microscopic pores in grout allows for dirt and other staining agents, if allowed, to get past the sealer where it can't be removed by regular mopping.  At Bennetts Carpet and Tile Cleaning, we use a high pressure, high heat ( steam at 240 degree's ) extraction machine that that will remove up to 90% of all dirt, stains and grease.  The high pressure is upwards of 1000psi so really gets deep into the pores.

Bennetts will not only do cleaning but also sealing. Tile sealing is the protective layer put on tiles to which makes them easy to clean and obviously gives a layer of protection. This sealer slowly wears over time from walking on them and should be resealed 6 months to 1 year.

Call us now for a great deal on tile cleaning and sealing…….