Tips For Cleaning Your Woollen Rugs

Seven Upholstery Cleaning Tips for Your Home A woollen rug can be a stunning feature piece in your home. They are luxurious and naturally resistant to stains due to their lanolin content. Woollen rugs are also slightly more expensive than synthetic rugs, but the added durability makes the price tag worthwhile. This does mean, though, that rug cleaning in your Brisbane home or office may be better left to the professionals. You don’t want to risk turning a small mark into a major stain on your favourite floor covering! Having said that, there are some things you can do to protect your rug between professional cleans. Knowing how to maintain your woollen rug is just as important as knowing when to call in the experts.

Why are woollen rugs different from synthetic rugs when it comes to cleaning?

Woollen rugs are made of a natural fibre. This is why they look and feel so beautiful, but it also makes them trickier to dry when wet and very sensitive towards chemical cleaning products. All carpet is prone to wear and tear and woollen rugs are not immune to stains and fading. Woollen rugs tend to be thicker than other rugs, making it possible for dirt and grime to be trapped deep in its fibres. It’s important to understand the fibre you are dealing with in your rug before you can clean it properly. Here are some tips for cleaning your woollen rug.

Vacuum your rug regularly

Vacuuming your woollen rug regularly, including under furniture where dust is likely to collect, is essential. When vacuuming your rug, consider the following:
  • Use the right setting on your vacuum. Avoid using a brush setting or setting that will agitate the rug’s fibres. This will stop the rug from becoming damaged and keep your rug looking better for longer.
  • Vacuum under your rug. Vacuuming under your rug will keep the dirt from building up and sneaking into your rug fibres. Vacuum the underside of your rug regularly, too.
  • Vacuum using a V path on your rug. When vacuuming your woollen rug, avoid vacuuming in straight lines as this can crush natural fibres like wool. Instead, vacuum in a V path on your rug.

Shake out your rug while dry

Another simple way to keep your rug clean is to give it a dry shake out. This will help loosen any dirt and dust deep within the fibres and ensure your vacuum cleans your rug as best as it can. Don’t shake your rug out when it’s wet, though, as this can simply move dust and stains even further into your rug. Keep in mind Brisbane’s changeable weather and humidity when choosing the best day to wash or air out your rugs.

Treat spots and stains as soon as possible

Like all rugs, woollen rugs should be cleaned and treated as soon as a spill or stain occurs. The quicker the stain is treated, the easier it is to have it completely removed. Woollen rugs can take a long time to dry, so it’s best to be sparse with your use of liquids and call in the experts if you fear you may make the stain worse, or if it’s a large area to treat. Generally, the first thing to do is to blot the stain with a white towel to remove as much moisture as possible. Avoid scrubbing as this will only cause the stain to travel deep into the wool rug’s fibres and make it more difficult to remove by hand. Scrubbing may also cause piling or give the stained area a different feel and look to the rest of the rug. After this, try wetting another white towel and dabbing the area until the stain is removed.

Using chemical cleaners on stains

Chemical cleaning on woollen rugs really should be avoided. Bringing in the professionals is the best way if you are unable to get your stains to completely disappear using the blotting method. Chemical cleaning may alter the colour of your rug or damage the area with a chemical burn if not washed off properly. Professionals know exactly how to safely clean natural fibres such as wool and will ensure your rug is cleaned successfully.

Natural cleaning agent on stains

If the stain is minor but needs a little extra touch to get clean, rather than risking chemical products, try sprinkling the stain with baking soda and leaving it for 30 minutes. After the area is dry, vacuum the baking soda up. You can also try diluted vinegar to treat stains, but be careful to clean the area gently with a soft towel and avoid harsh scrubbing of the area.

Avoid DIY rug cleaning headaches – Call the Brisbane experts!

Regularly cleaning your woollen rug by vacuuming and shaking out dirt can be an effective and safe way to keep your mats and floor covers looking clean. Eventually dirt will become trapped within the fibres, however, and vacuuming will not suffice. It also won’t stop stains from building up and becoming engrained within the carpet. Avoid DIY cleaning headaches, which could leave your woollen rug looking worse than before, and call the experts! At Bennetts Carpets we:
  • use specialised steam cleaning equipment to extract the toughest stains and dirt
  • use high powered vacuuming to remove deposits of dirt and dust, even if they’re trapped deep within your woollen rug’s fibres
  • use our own hot water from our carpet cleaning trucks, saving you money and drying your rugs out faster
  • discuss a regular professional rug clean to suit your needs and budget.
A trendy, woollen rug is sure to give your interior a lift and bring warmth and comfort to any room of your home. A dirty, stained and ragged rug, however, will do nothing for your home’s charm! Minor cleaning and maintenance can be done yourself but regular professional rug cleaning ensures your Brisbane home or office looks smarter for longer. Need a professional rug cleaning service for your Brisbane home or office? Contact the team at Bennetts Carpet Cleaning today for your obligation free quote!