Long Live Leather: 5 Couch Care Tips for Leather Sofas

Genuine leather couches are one of the premium choices for couches. Not only does real leather ‘wear in’ instead of fabric which wears out, leather couches are also much cooler to sit on and after the stinking hot days we experience in Brisbane, this can only be a good thing. Leather also does not absorb sweat and moisture like other furniture and quality leather couches will outlast most other couches on the market Compared to other furniture they have some unique maintenance requirements, and hear at Bennetts, our upholstery cleaning technicians understand how to clean leather correctly and how to remove stains in a way that does not cause further damage to the material. We share our tops tips for maintaining your leather furniture below.


Do not attempt to use harsh chemicals to wipe down leather couches. Doing so can cause bleaching on the couch and cause unattractive marks.


Do not use too much water to wash or wipe down leather couches. This is absolutely to be avoided as it disintegrates the surface and leads to cracking.


Regularly vacuum any dust, dirt and grit on the couch with a soft brush attachment before wiping down the surface of the leather. Since dirt and other deposits are abrasive if they are moved around they can lead to scratching.


Avoid any prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. This ages the leather, causes it to dry and then crack. In winter keep it at least 2 metres away from heaters and fireplaces.


Leather couches should be cleaned and conditioned with a leather treatment every 12 months to coat the leather and provide protection from stains and wear. This cleaning and conditioning also helps to keep the surface of the leather softer and smoother. By neglecting to care and maintain your leather couches, including regular professional cleaning you risk speeding up the deterioration of the furniture from a combination of dirt, dust, body oils and food and drink stains. For a trusted upholstery cleaning service that specialises in the unique requirements of genuine leather couches, call Bennetts today on 1300 661 008