Forget Lipstick on a Collar—What Do You Do with Lipstick Stains on Carpet

Forget Lipstick on a Collar—What Do You Do with Lipstick Stains on Carpet? Your lips look incredible with lipstick on them but your carpet, not so much! That much-loved lipstick has landed in the hands of your child or perhaps you have just dropped it onto the floor and accidentally stepped on it; unfortunately now you have a broken lipstick and damaged carpet. What can you do about it?

Removing lipstick stains from carpet, is it possible?

As sad as it is, your lipstick may not recover, but your carpet can! There are several ‘at home’ solutions that other people swear by; try them at your own risk. If you want to try these remedies, it is a good idea to test a small patch in an inconspicuous place (ideally under a piece furniture) in case any cause further damage to your carpet. Before you start trying to clean or eliminate lipstick stains stain in any way, ensure you remove any excess pieces of lipstick. Otherwise you risk pushing lipstick further into the carpet and spreading the stain.
  • Dishwashing liquid or cleaning solvent—The oils in lipstick attach to carpet fibres, which is why it is suggested to use a cleaning product that dissolves grease and oil. Add your cleaning liquid to a wet cloth and dab the area. If it appears this method is improving the stain, rinse your cloth and repeat.
  • Laundry powder and warm water—Mix the two ingredients until they form a paste. With a clean cloth, spread the paste onto the carpet stain and leave for a few minutes. This technique works the same as treating stained clothes so it should lift the mark out of the carpet. Repeat as many times as required and then, using a new damp cloth, clean the treated area thoroughly.
  • White vinegar—This is a popular option for many as it is a well-known fact vinegar is a great eco-friendly cleaning agent. The natural cleaning strength white vinegar has allows cleaning to be done safely and effectively. To use this in removing stains, make a mix of 1 part white vinegar and 2 parts warm water. Dab onto the affected area with a mixture-soaked cloth until the stain is gone. Clean the area, before it dries, with cold water and a clean cloth.
  • Ammonia—Most households have ammonia in their cleaning cupboards, and for good reason. Depending on your carpet colour, this is a risky method. Test a small patch before moving forward with this option. With a damp cloth dab the lipstick to remove as much of the excess lipstick as possible. Once done, blot gently with ammonia. The stain should begin to fade, rinse your cloth and continue until the stain is gone. Clean the section of carpet with a clean damp cloth. This will remove any excess chemical from the carpet fibres.
  • Vodka—This one may surprise you but vodka is a great stain remover. Soak a clean cloth in vodka and place it over the stain until the area is saturated. Dab gently until the stain lifts. To prevent liquid marks forming around the affected area, before the carpet dries clean it thoroughly with a new cloth and cold water.
  • Rubbing alcohol—Use this method with caution! As it is a strong grease solvent, the alcohol is designed to remove colour, oils and grease. Because of this it could actually do more harm to your flooring than good. If possible you should avoid using too much on your carpet or rubbing in a circular motion as this will inevitably cause further damage to the fibres of your carpet.
  • Call a professional—Carpet cleaners know the ins and outs of carpet and fabric stains. This is why if you are unsure how to treat particular stains or do not want to risk causing further damage, you should get your carpets professionally treated. You may have to pay a little extra, but you will not only have the stain safely removed, your carpets will be fresher, cleaner and last longer. Many carpet cleaners will offer advice should these stains happen to occur again and how you can best treat them until expert help arrives.
TIP—ACT FAST! By treating lipstick stains sooner, there is a better chance that they can be completely eliminated as the longer stains are present in carpet the harder it is to remove. This is because the oils have had time to soak into the fibres and cause permanent damage. Treating lipstick stains yourself is always a risk, but for some it is a risk worth taking. Others prefer to pay a professional and know the job is done properly—with minimal chance that the stain could spread or sink deeper into the flooring. If you have troublesome lipstick stains you need help with, contact the expert team at Bennetts Carpet Cleaning today on 1300 661 008!