What do your floors say about your business?

There’s no doubt about it – your flooring can make a huge impression for those visiting your home or business. This doesn’t mean you need to install new flooring, however maintaining existing flooring is extremely important so it makes the right impression when people visit. Commercial flooring typically requires more maintenance than home flooring, and in today’s article we explain how the team here at Bennetts Carpet Cleaning can help you send the right message when it comes to the flooring in your business.

How does commercial flooring differ from domestic flooring?

Apart from the obvious fact that commercial flooring will be seen by a lot more people than the flooring in your home, there is typically a higher level of foot traffic with commercial flooring. This means that more dirt is trapped between the pile of carpets, and between the grout of tiles. This makes maintenance an important requirement for business owners who care about the impressions they make. Commercial floors will also suffer more wear and tear making their life generally shorter than domestic flooring.

What kind of commercial businesses does Bennetts Carpet cleaning service?

We have worked with all types of business owners across Brisbane, and we’re known for our professionalism and having minimal impact on your business to let you get on with the job while we’re doing ours. We have brightened and restored carpets and tiled flooring in: •    Hospitals •    Restaurants •    Office Spaces •    Showrooms, Resorts, Hotels and other accommodation businesses.

Dirty tiles don’t do your business any favours

Dirty bathrooms in kitchen or bathrooms can be enough to turn any customer off returning to your business, and what’s worse they could even tell others about what they’ve seen! Even if bathrooms are regularly cleaned, trapped dirt between the tiles can still leave the space looking dirty and send a negative impression about the area. If you feature tiles in your business we recommend annual professional cleaning to keep the areas in your business looking like bright and fresh – like they should. The fact is that customers notice the appearance of the flooring in your business and make judgements about your business based on what they see – and this is despite how well you do everything else. Don’t let your floors send the wrong message – the visual impression your flooring makes a powerful statement so make sure it’s the right one! For Brisbane carpet and tile cleaning Call Gary at Bennetts Carpet Cleaning today on 1300 661 008.